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Think Transformation.

The ‘What’ of Transformation

Transformation is NOT an incremental change or a one-time change event. It is an iterative change process delivering radical business results.

For family businesses, transformation is a systematic, step-by-step process of orienting mindsets, aligning stakeholders from family, business & workforce and implementing practices to create a globally relevant and dominant business.

Transformation equips family businesses with essential mindsets, systems, practices and abilities unique to them, enabling them to design strategic business responses to ever changing operating environments and unforeseeable global forces.

At SOCH, transformation is a multidimensional, iterative change process delivering radical results in the four dimensions of family business i.e the business, the family, the leadership & the organisation. Transformation delivers:

  • Ability to reinvent exponential growth with significance
  • Ability to sustain global relevance & dominance for all future generations
  • Ability to redesign continuity of business and its leadership
  • Ability to thrive with renewable business systems, mind-sets, practices and intangible assets
  • Ability to constructively destroy outdated thinking, systems, behaviours, practices and similar core constructs

In essence, transformation is a continual renewal process to keep a family business relevant and growing in constantly changing times.

The ‘Why’ of Transformation

Change is inevitable and continuity demands proactive transformation.

The strengths of today’s family businesses will be truly tested when global economic forces come in full play. Although, leading family businesses at large, are sustaining due to their sound business philosophy, this philosophy needs implementation in modern competitive practices against mighty competitors and other undeniable global forces.

While living in constant change, global relevance & dominance can only be sustained by proactively responding to change. This proactive response demands the process of transformation.

Transformation, is a way to ensure that businesses stay relevant and have a winning edge in constantly changing realities, by addressing the root of all the dilemmas, the paradoxes and the unique challenges that family businesses face, every single day.

The ‘How’ of Transformation

Organisation Transformation

Business Transformation

Family Transformation

Leadership Transformation

Business Transformation

Business transformation focuses to bring about a shift from a semi-structured to a structured 21st century business. Its area of scope includes business governance, opportunity & risk management, business operations, business technology and business strategy. It designs and delivers a new custom-built business model for the unique family business. The new systems, mindsets and practices, enable business leaders to design their response to unforeseen challenges, opportunities and threats. It assists business leaders to answer few of the many key questions, such as:

  • How to innovate business practices ranging from operations to leadership, gaining sustainable advantage over stiff local substitution and global competition?
  • How to de-risk and capitalise on unseen opportunities by aligning family, business, organisation and leadership?
  • How can global brands be built, scaled and leveraged to create altogether new economies, disrupt existing ones and build new shared value?
  • How to build a platform for exponential growth in business through the timeless wisdom of first generation and the speed and intelligence of the current generation?

And similar questions..

Family Transformation

If family businesses believe that decisions are foundational building blocks of their business,  then it is essential to understand that the family harbors mindsets, perspectives, beliefs, values and habits that invariably impact every little decision. Family’s countless daily decisions when compounded over a period of time, shape their destiny.

Our family transformation practices are designed to deliver the answers to the following questions:

  • How can a family culture be formed that creates a conducive environment to continuously grow in prosperity, harmony and wisdom?
  • How can a family develop a sound judgment-making and decision-making model that results in globally dominant and relevant business?
  • How to employ effective dilemma handling practices to resolve conflicts; resulting in faster decision making & improved family harmony?
  • How to develop a structured and fair system for wealth creation and distribution?

And similar questions..

Organisation Transformation

If businesses today desire to unravel their true potential, then the understanding of collective psychology of workforce and consumers both are necessary.

With practices based on the above understanding, an organisation that works towards a common mission is capable of responding strongly and gain a winning edge under evolving business scenarios

Organisation transformation at SOCH, means working alongside our clients in designing and implementing practices for building a proactive and resilient organisation through a culture that produces consistent results for exponential growth.

SOCH delivers results on following areas of concerns for creating a 21st century organisation:

  • How do the minds of workforce be positively influenced to achieve desired business performance quarter-after-quarter?
  • How to build practices that enable workforce to create a cohesive culture where priorities are executed in least time?
  • How to build decision making practices that empower workforce to help them make timely and cost effective decisions?
  • How can a ‘progress-is-change’ mindset be developed to increase the appetite for change and support exponential growth agenda of business?

And similar questions..

Leadership Transformation

True leaders enable their team to harness their true potential and contribute to the growth of business. We work along with the business leaders and all key stakeholders in creating a stimulating business environment and systematically develop the next generation of leaders.

  • Leadership is not about leading people but leading ‘self’ to begin with. How do you do that?
  • How can you deliver business results ranging from increasing bottom line to delivering socio-economic impact?
  • Psychology of change and habit transformations at business, family & organisation begins from stakeholders. How to initiate this change and why it is non-negotiable?
  • Considering that intimacy context puts unparalleled strain on leadership of the family business; how do you establish lineage of fairness, ethics, trust and endurable edge for winning business confidence?

And similar questions..

The ‘Who’ of Transformation

Transformation begins from the owner/s of the business and leads to mobilisation of the mass (workforce) and the stakeholders (family) towards the very mission the business family has set out to achieve.

Transformation is not for the faint-hearted and certainly not for organisations that are looking for quick & short-sighted impulsive growth.

The ‘When’ of Transformation

Begin now.

Transformation is a beginning..