Insights are truths that businesses capitalise to continue creating first mover advantage.

Businesses know that insights are more valuable than information.
What really makes insights valuable is their inherent nature: extremely simple yet immensely impactful. Although insights are all around us, they only present themselves when we care to connect the dots with wisdom, intelligence and awareness.
SOCH believes that only a deep hunt for consumer insights, psychological insights, behavioural insights and market insights can deliver impactful return on investment and beyond.

Mentoring: The time has now come
Will the ways of working of yesterday still hold the same effectiveness and relevance today ? This article talks about
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Imperatives to build generational business advantage and enduring family legacy

We believe, unlike other business formats, family businesses have within themselves, hidden sources of competitive advantage that they can leverage to create lasting and meaningful growth.

The Art of Continuous Alignment

Every business is prone to deviate from its path, but the importance lies in the ability of foundational units to re-align to what matters most for the business.

This video elaborates the impact of interplay between the four foundational units of a family business.

Redefining fortune for family business

Fortune for businesses is to a large extent about wealth and prosperity. But, when it comes to family business, fortune holds an entirely different meaning. What is then the true meaning of fortune for a family business?

If daily decisions define fate of the business, what invisibly shapes decisions?

Family Businesses take thousands of decisions every single day that are unconsciously shaped by family values. Conscious and consistent implementation of values based practices enable long-term business advantage.

What fuels exponential business growth generation after generation?

For a family business, ‘Growth’ is a composite term. To a large degree, growth in a family business is fueled by internal dynamics of harmony in the family that could result in two destiny-defining states; prosperity or prosperity with meaning.

The underlying true source of timeless business advantage

While most family businesses search for competitive advantage on the outside, few accomplished businesses have realised that real advantage lies in family harmony. Where should family businesses then invest to become market leaders?

An  unparalleled competitive edge for winning global advantage – Only with family businesses

Every family business strives to create a legacy that lasts for generations. If legacy is more than just wealth and goodwill, then what is the true meaning of legacy for a family business?

The non-negotiable mechanism to assure exponential growth

Decision making in a family business is a complex process. Most proactive businesses develop governance mechanisms to help implement decisions in a systematic and structured way. But, how will governance differ for a family business considering that intimate relationships are involved?