We made a choice to rebuild the economic backbone of India by transforming family businesses

We Understand

At large, most entrepreneurial ventures are born out of an idea. However, SOCH is born out of a pure realisation — the foundation unit that defines the fate of a person, business, society and nation, is the decision made on a daily basis.

We have turned this realisation into a business by developing a thorough, research-led implementation practice to transform family businesses. We achieved this by being tirelessly focused, by staying financially uncompromised and by working in teams to decode the reality of the real world of family businesses for the past 48 months. This has ensured SOCH to remain true to its purpose by living it daily and to form a business that lasts to serve the spirit of family business.

To continue gaining the honour, stature, prosperity and significance – the family businesses of India need to address the core concerns through the required fundamental shifts. To help them accomplish all success with meaning, SOCH embarked on a relentless journey by committing itself to its mission.

A mission to reform the economic backbone of India by transforming family businesses.

Our Team

The inherent nature of a family business gives rise to complex business problems which swing from the realms of psychology that drive emotions to the realms of business.

These problems can only be holistically addressed with an approach that is business savvy along with creative, systemic, emotional and spiritual (not religious but higher self).

Based on this premise and our promise of delivery, we have built a diverse team that is global, skilled and wise to co-create and lead implementation of large scale transformation programs, delivering exponential growth and meaning in business and family.

The team believes that the manner of delivering results is as important as the result itself.

Our Mission

To help transform family businesses into large, well-run enterprises creating the future-that-matters

Our Vision

To become a true business architect of the superpower India – Serving by shaping Indian Family Businesses and their interdependent ecosystems including global economics, communities and ecology – thus strengthening & empowering the very fabric of happiness of this good earth that we all share.

Our Core Values


Relentless commitment to serve our allegiance to client’s organisation


Empathy-led resonance making client feel felt is the earnest drive


Strive for synergy in all ideas, all actions


Play as you would want to be played


Continuous hard work for effortlessness building habit of excellence


Authenticity with freshness of attitudes, conduct and capabilities