Who we are


We are a business and management consulting firm, working with businesses to build their long-term performance in ever-changing economic environment.

We work with large businesses to become global leaders and small medium enterprises to improve their market share, ultimately to create future-ready businesses.

Where we help


By stakeholder, we mean
owners, partners and leaders of a

Out of many, a few areas in which we help are:

  • Leading – Developing the mindset, the skills and the nerve required to lead self and teams in business
  • Alignment – Aligning the skills and behaviours of the owners and leaders with the business objective
  • Self-concept – Renewing self-esteem and self-confidence required to achieve business success at national and global levels
  • Decision-making system – Developing a decision-making system that enables individual and collective actions for results
  • Deliver change – Delivering changes required to achieve business progress – people change, system change and business change
  • Habit development – Creating an accountability system to develop habits in stakeholders and employees to gain productive behaviours
  • Performance culture – Building a high-performance culture that makes adaptation and innovation as a norm

.. And such other customised solutions to business problems


By business, we mean
businesses of all formats and

Out of many, a few areas in which we help are..

  • Strategic alignment – Building systems to align actions of stakeholders and employees to achieve short-term wins for the long-term objectives
  • Business strategy – Developing and implementing strategies for sales, marketing and branding to achieve continuous growth
  • Customer-centric approach – Developing a customer-centric sales function to increase market share
  • Business systems and processes – Redesigning policy based systems and processes to deliver improved performance and behaviours
  • Business function redesign – Redefining the core business functions for increased end-to-end business productivity
  • Risk management -Building a system to manage risks at operational, strategic and behavioural levels
  • Accountability system – Developing collective commitment to vision and translating it into roles and accountabilities for consistency of actions
  • Result-oriented culture – Engineering a culture that enables team and employees to effectively deliver business results

.. And such other customised solutions to your problems


By family, we mean all the stakeholders of a family-owned business who are involved in the business whether actively or otherwise.

Out of many, a few areas in which we help are..

  • Stakeholder alignment – Building a system for stakeholders to continuously align their decisions and actions to achieve the collective future picture
  • Stakeholder accountability – Enabling a way to measure, monitor and control actions to ensure stakeholder accountability
  • Succession and transition – Developing and implementing effective succession and transition management
  • Family constitution – Developing a family constitution based system to assign power, rights and wealth to individuals as per merit or any other method the stakeholders wish to adopt
  • Family business office – Designing a family office as a central entity to govern and guide family decisions for strategic needs of business & family

.. And such other customised solutions to your business problems

What we do


We design, develop and implement changes with owners, leaders and their teams to help businesses succeed today and prepare for winning tomorrow.

We understand the current business situation

We do a detailed business analysis to identify the root cause of the problems to deliver long-term results. This enables us to gain insights which results in developing a cost-effective, time-efficient and high returns approach to deliver solutions.

We develop a customized solution

Based on our detailed understanding of the business situation, we co-design an acutely customized solution that fits your business needs of today and tomorrow.

We implement solutions through a step-by-step project

Solving complex business issues requires a thorough design and implementation approach. Our consultants walk the factory floor to work with the teams for implementing change.

How we engage


We understand that business needs may vary as per the current business maturity and the growth objectives. Based on this understanding, we offer three models to engage with us. These models are not dependent on the size of the business and are not mutually exclusive i.e. one can avail any model and change the same as and when required.


Advisory Model

This model involves meeting with our mentors to seek advise or opinion on specific business challenges or opportunities.

This model is advisable for those who are only looking for perspectives or thinking in new dimensions for their business challenges and equipped enough to design and implement solution on their own.


Consulting Model

This model involves working with our mentors to identify root cause of problems, work out solutions and design and implementation plan.

This model is advisable for those who are looking for growth and have many challenges – some even deep-rooted.


Transformation Model

This model involves working on the current challenges of the business along with its readiness for future aspirations. This involves working with stakeholders and their teams to assess, design and implement solutions, also to create a system to measure, monitor and control the outcomes. It involves our mentors and the business teams working and implementing solutions on customer’s floor on a regular basis.

This model is best fit for businesses who are looking for exponential growth and to become global leaders eventually.

Industries we serve


We are industry agnostic and work with all business sectors:






Real Estate










Pharma &


Financial Services



Connect with us


If you are looking for help and would want to speak to our mentors,

Connect with us on 96-878-66-000
Write to us on explore@soch.ooo